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Holiday Detection

  • FULL circle Rolling Springs

    Square cut, tightly wound steel wire, for tight fit and intimate contact to coatings applied to pipelines. Made for use on pipelines, the Full Circle Spring Electrode will inspect the entire coated surface of the pipe in one pass. Available sizes based...

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  • High Voltage HHD Kit

    PosiTest® HHD   High voltage Holiday Detector Detects holidays, pinholes and other discontinuities using pulse DC Lightweight, ergonomic design provides comfortable all-day use, reducing operator fatigue Regulated pulse DC voltage...

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  • Internal Silicon Rubber electrodes

    Internal Electrodes are made to order to fit the exact Inside Diameter of your pipe. Internal Electrodes are made for use with High Voltage (Silicone-Rubber material) and Low Voltage (Sponge material) Holiday Detectors. The electrodes fit pipe ID...

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  • Low Voltage Accessories (LPD AND TQC)

    DeFelsko PosiTest LPD Accessory Pack LPDACCPK Includes adaptable sponge hardware and accessories to convert the PosiTest LPD Basic Kit into a PosiTest LPD Complete Kit in a hardshell carrying case. Adaptable Sponge Hardware Roller Internal...

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    Stick Type Low Voltage, "Wet Sponge" Holiday Detector New Updates Features 67.5v DC output Power LED Audible & Visual holiday detecting indicators 80kΩ - 90KΩ resistance On-board calibration verification 3.5mm Headphone...

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  • Silicon Rubbe Brushes

    Made from a unique combination of silicone rubber and carbon, the Silicone-Rubber Brush Electrode meets many different requirements and applications, both on pipe and off. The electrode is used to inspect weld joints on the outside or coatings applied...

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  • Sponge Tester / Expansion Kit

    The TQC Low Voltage Pinhole detector enables the user to inspect various coatings on conductive substrates for small defects such as holidays and pinholes using the ‘wet sponge technique’. The grounding clamp is connected to an untreated...

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  • Wetting Agent (250ml)

    250 mil (approximately 8 oz) of wetting agent makes over 1 qt (1250 - 1750 ml) of water to help find smallet pinholes in thicker coatings.  Non-Filmforming can be coated over once it is dry.  Do not use straight or it will not evaporate off the...

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  • Wire Brush Electrode

    Made from very small individual wires, the Wire Brush Electrode meets many different requirements and applications, especially for coated surfaces that are uneven or include fittings, bolts, or other tight corners need to be inspected. The electrode is...

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