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  • Barcol Hardness Impressor

    PosiTector® BHI   Barcol Hardness Impressor Measures the hardness of soft metals such as aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, brass, and other materials such as harder plastics, and fiber-reinforced plastic Easy-to-read digital...

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    The TQC Buchholz Hardness Indentation Test provides a method for carrying out an indentation test on coatings complying with the ISO 2815-2003 standard. The TQC Buchholz Hardness Indentation Test consists of a calibrated slip-on weight with a sharp-edged...

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  • Model No. PHT-980 Shore D Durometer

    Model No. PHT-980   Shore D Durometer   Shore D scale is for testing the following materials: Rubber: HardPlastics: Harder grades such as rigid thermoplastics, plexiglass, thermoploystrene, vinyl, sheet, cellulode...

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    PENCILS FOR HARDNESS TEST ACCORDING WOLFF WILBORN Koh-I-Noor 1500 set of 20 pencils in an aluminum case to use with the Wolff Wilborn Hardness Test. Pencils ranging from 8b -2H When testing by Pencil Hardness - Make sure all parties are using the...

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  • Pendulum Hardness Tester

    The TQC Pendulum Hardness Tester has a lot of unique features that ease defining hardness by the König and/or Persoz method as described in ISO 1522. Both methods work on the principle that the damping time of a pendulum oscillating on a sample...

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    The TQC Hardness Pen is a pocket instrument for testing the hardness and wear/scratch resistance of materials such as coatings, lacquers, plastics or related products. A tungsten carbide tip is drawn over the surface with a defined constant pressure. The...

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    The TQC Shore Hardness Gauge is a reliable instrument for measuring the impression hardness of soft materials such as coatings, plastics and rubber. Equipped with a drag indicator, which holds the highest measured result. Delivery includes a simple test...

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    The TQC Shore Hardness Gauge Test Stand is suitable for Shore A, C, and D* type Durometer. The test stand construction includes operating handle, adjustable glass stage, (height) adjustable Durometer fixture. With this test stand hardness tests of rubber...

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    Shore A and D Test Blocks Test Block Type D 25 (Red) Test Block Type D 46 (Black) Test Block Type D 75 (Blue) Test Block Type A 30 (Black) Test Block Type A 50 (Grey) Test Block Type A 75 (Red)

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  • The PosiTector Shore Hardnesss Durometer

    PosiTector® SHD   Shore Hardness Durometers for the indentation hardness of non-metallic materials Handheld electronic instrument measures the indentation hardness of non-metallic materials. Two durometer models are available for...

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  • Type DO Durometer

    The Model 1600 features a full-sized dial face for readability to within 1/2 point. The Model 1600 offers the maximum accuracy available in a dial model gauge at a minimum cost. Size: 2.5" x 6.125"HWeight: 6 oz. FEATURES: Includes NIST Calibration...

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  • Wolff-Wilborn Pencil Hardness Tester

    The TQC Pencil Hardness Test according Wolff Wilborn provides in a simple method to test the scratch hardness of coatings. In this test, pencils in a range of 6B to 8H hardness-grade are used. The pencil is moved scratching over the surface under a...

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