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Pinhole & Holiday Detection

  • Low Voltage Accessories (LPD AND TQC)

    Low Voltage Accessories (LPD AND TQC)

    DeFelsko PosiTest LPD Accessory Pack LPDACCPK Includes adaptable sponge hardware and accessories to convert the PosiTest LPD Basic Kit into a PosiTest LPD Complete Kit in a hardshell carrying case. Adaptable Sponge Hardware Roller Internal...

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  • DeFelsko PosiTest Low voltage Pinhole Detector


    PosiTest® LPD   Low voltage Pinhole Detector for Metal and Concrete Substrates Detects holidays, pinholes and other discontinuities in coatings on metal and concrete substrates. GroundSense visibly reassures the user that the...

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    Handheld Wand Converts the PosiTest HHD to a wand-type instrument *PosiTest HHD sold separately   Extension Rods Choose between 13 cm (5") and 50 cm (20") rods   Electrode Adaptors Connect to spring and brush...

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    Flat Wire Brush Electrodes   HHD Flat Brush 51 mm/2"        HHDFLTBRSH2 HHD Flat Brush 152 mm/6"      HHDFLTBRSH6 HHD Flat Brush 203 mm/8"      HHDFLTBRSH8 HHD Flat Brush 305 mm/12"   ...

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    Rolling Spring Electrodes   Rolling Spring Coil for 4" pipe (102 mm) OD     HHDSPRING4   Rolling Spring Coil for 6" pipe (152 mm) OD     HHDSPRING6   Rolling Spring Coil for 8" pipe (203 mm) OD   ...

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  • The PosiTest HHD uses pulsed DC technology to detect flaws. Instead of a continuous high-voltage output, the PosiTest HHD emits a precise pulse of high-voltage 30 times per second. This technology is much easier to ground, and safer, reducing the possibility of the exterior of the object becoming charged. The advanced circuitry is capable of maintaining a precise voltage output over the full range of 0.5-35 K-V in a single instrument. To alter the set voltage, simply choose the voltage selection menu option, and use the plus and minus buttons to adjust.

    High Voltage HHD Kit

    PosiTest® HHD   High voltage Holiday Detector Detects holidays, pinholes and other discontinuities using pulse DC Lightweight, ergonomic design provides comfortable all-day use, reducing operator fatigue Regulated pulse DC voltage...

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