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Bridging Pit Depth Gauges

  • Jr. Tri-Gauge

    Jr. Tri-Gauge

    The Junior Tri-Gauge VM® is today’s most accurate Lever Pit Gauge, with a continuing tradition of Metric and Dual Imperial Scales. The Junior Tri-Gauge® serves its traditional use as a Pit Depth Gauge, but also as a Weld Inspection Gauge...

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What is a bridging Pit Gauge?

The Bridging Pit Gauge System is the most advanced Bridging Bar (Pit Gauge) of its type in the world. Originally developed for Pressure Vessels, it was quickly adopted for use to Pipelines with the introduction of US DOT PHMSA 49 CFR Part 192. This adoption happened due to Western's introduction of Magnetic Hold Downs. The Bridging Pit Gauge was originally designed to assess large areas of Weight-Loss Corrosion, however, with the introduction of our Magnetic Hold Downs it was quickly accepted, as the best tool of its type, for Pipeline Corrosion Assessments.

All of Western's Bridge Type Pit Gauges are Segmented, where the different parts (Blades & Tees) are assembled to form a Bridging Bar. The Bridging Pit Gauge's components can be assembled in different configurations, such as Spanning or Cantilevering. In the Cantilevering configuration, operators can deal with Welds (Circular, Long Seam or Spiral) or next to Reinforcing Pads or Risers.

The Bridge can be assembled to follow the contour of a slightly irregular surface (or rigidly if needed). Extra Tees and Connector Blades can be added, to extend the length of the Bridge. Virtually all of Western's Pit Gauges have a knife edge, so they can be easily used on either flat, concave (ID), or convex (OD) surfaces. Like all of the Pit Gauges, all three models of our Indicators can be fitted to a Bridging Pit Gauge.

Do the pit gauges need to be recertified?

Yes, they do, we at MTest recertify the pit gauges according to the manufacture's procedures to accommodate the NIST certifications

Is there any training needed to use a Bridging Pit Depth Gauge?

No there is not, these are designed to be user friendly in the field. If you do however have any questions, we are available to walk you through the setups and offer technical support for all the products we offer.