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Bridging Pit Depth Gauges

  • Bridging Accessories

    Parts for Bridging Gauges (N99-9) Main Blade N88-9-1 $330.00 Connector Blade N88-9-2 $85.00 End Blade N88-9-3 $55.00 Slider Blade N88-9-4 $65.00 Tee Sections (12") N88-9-5 $80.00 Plus Tee Sections...

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  • Bridging Pit Gauge - Standard/PLUS

    Bridging Pit Gauge System The Bridging Pit Gauge System allows the Corrosion Inspector to Span over or Cantilever into Large Areas of Weight Loss Corrosion, to obtain accurate and consistent measurements, or cross sections, of Pit Depth. As...

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  • Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge

    Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge Group The Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge Group provides Inspectors with an Economical Alternative to the Bridging Pit Gauge System. The new Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge is available as 3 models; the standard Jr...

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  • Jr. Tri-Gauge

    The Junior Tri-Gauge VM® is today’s most accurate Lever Pit Gauge, with a continuing tradition of Metric and Dual Imperial Scales. The Junior Tri-Gauge® serves its traditional use as a Pit Depth Gauge, but also as a Weld Inspection Gauge...

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