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  • Basic Inspection Kit

    The Basic Inspection kit Includes the Defelsko Positector 6000.  The most versatile DFT Gauge on the market.  One body fits all the probes- Ferrous, Nonferrous and combination probes...

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  • Basic Inspection Kit Plus

    Be the :Baddest Inspector" on the block. The Basic Inspection kit PLUS includes everthing you need, including: the Defelsko Positector 6000.  The most versatile DFT Gauge on the market. ...

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  • Blotter Paper - Pack of 10 or 25

    ASTM D4285 - Standard Test Method for Indicating Oil or Water in Compressed Air - Blotter Paper Significance and Use 2.1 Clean compressed air is required to prevent contamination of coating...

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  • Contractor Basic Inspection Kit

    Contractors require slightly different equipment than inspectors.  This modified version of the Basic Inspection kit Includes the tools that every contractor should have on site.   Many...

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  • Crack Width Monitor

    A simple yet accurate device for monitoring movement in a crack (change in crack width, movement up/down on either side of crack) Glue or fix across a crack and monitor movement in both dorections,...

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  • Cross Hatch Adhesion Test Kit

    Economy Crosshatch Kit - The only comprimise on this kit is the case.  Includes everthing needed to preform an ASTM D3359 Crosshatch Test.  Includes TQC Crosshatch handles and blades along...

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  • Economy Inspection Kit

    Comes with an:Extech RH350- Relative Humidity, Dew Point.and Temperture Surface Temperature Gauge - 0-150FSpring Micrometer and 1 roll X-Course TestEx tape for Surface ProfileTQC SP-4085 SS 0-30 mils...

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  • Ferroxyl Test Solution

    All GE railcars lined for food grade service, or any stainless steel components for any customers cars that were affected during the abrasive blasting process .  PRODUCT IS MADE WHEN ORDERED...

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  • MTest Chloride Test Kit

    While we don't generally endorse specific ion testing, when you need to tst only for chloride, this is the lest expensive kit on the market.  It has an additional ebenifit of being able to run...

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  • MTEST Tally Book

    8" X 3.5" Tally Book.  The Staple of all inspectors.  The 2 things all inspectors should have.  A tally Book and an Inspection Morror.

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  • Needle Pressure Gage

    The Clemtex Needle Pressure Gauge is designed to measure air pressure in blast hose and air hose. Proper use of this gauge will measure pressure drops that are responsible...

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  • pH Paper (0-14) 100 Tests

    Used for rapid pH testing directly at the point of interest, strips are always ready for immediate use. Designed for safe testing of dangerous, poisonous, or aggressive liquids Long handle...

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  • Potassium Ferricyanide Test Papers

    otassium Ferricyanide Test Papers cyanide10 papers x 11 cmor100 papers by 4.25 cmShipped in a UV resistant envelope.  Photosensitive - store in a cool dry place.Made when the order is placed and...

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  • Potassium Ferricyanide Test Kit

    KIt includes 100 small (4.25 cm) papers or 40 Large (11 cm) papers, 20 gloves, directions and a spray bottle of DI water in a carry case.. Quick and easy method to test for toatal salts. ...

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  • Rilem Tube Kit

    Kit contains 3 Horozontal, 3 Vertical Rilem Tubes, 1/2 pound of putty and a water bottel large enough to fill 3 tubes.  Save  $100 off the Kerstan Tube set.  An M-TEST Exclusive.

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  • Wet Film Comb 0- 80 mil - Packs of 10

    For measuring wet film thickness of paints, enamels, lacquers, adhesives & many other wet coatings that are sprayed, dipped or brushed on a smooth surface. Meets ASTM D 4414 "Standard...

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  • Wetting Agent (250ml)

    250 mil (approximately 8 oz) of wetting agent makes over 1 qt (1250 - 1750 ml) of water to help find smallet pinholes in thicker coatings.  Non-Filmforming can be coated over once it is dry...

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  • X-CUT Template Kit

    MTest X-Cut Template Kit.  Simplify X cut testing by using a template..  Includes both a Stainless Steel Template and a Polyurethan Template.  BOth are coated with a nonslip coating...

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  • HoldTight Water Quality Test Kit

    The biggest problem encountered when using HoldTight is the quality of the Washwater availible at the site.  HoldTight, as with any cleaning product, works best with good quality water. ...

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