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Coating Properties - TQC Laboratory Equipment

  • 10X Surface Microscope

    Graduated Surface microscope with built-in LED ring light and measuring scale in pocket size complete with hard leather case. Ideal for inspecting, tracking, and measuring coating defects such as crack-width, pinholes, scratches,...

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  • Barcol Hardness Impressor

    PosiTector® BHI   Barcol Hardness Impressor Measures the hardness of soft metals such as aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, brass, and other materials such as harder plastics, and fiber-reinforced plastic Easy-to-read digital...

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  • BIRD Film Applicator - SingleSided

    TQC Sheen Bird-type film applicator with one flat edge. One application side for applying 1 predefined thickness. The Bird-type applicator single gap is available in film width 50 and 75 mm and suitable for applying a host of different products onto flat...

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  • Bird-Type film applicator - 4 sided

    TQC Sheen Bird-type film applicator with flat edges. Four application sides for applying 4 different pre-defined thicknesses. The TQC Bird-type applicator is available in film width 50, 60, 75, 80, 100 and 150mm and suitable for applying a host of...

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    The TQC Buchholz Hardness Indentation Test provides a method for carrying out an indentation test on coatings complying with the ISO 2815-2003 standard. The TQC Buchholz Hardness Indentation Test consists of a calibrated slip-on weight with a sharp-edged...

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    The TQC Bend Test Conical Mandrel “Pro” is a laboratory apparatus to bend coated test panels over a conical shaped mandrel in order to assess the elasticity or resistance of a coating-, paint or varnish to cracking, elongation and/or...

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  • CurveView Gradienty Oven

    The CureView Gradient Oven is a flexible oven that allows the user to heat up test panels on a glass bed to a variety of temperature profiles, varying from ambient +5˚C to 250˚C / ambient +9˚F to 482˚F. Elevated temperatures are instantly generated by 32...

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    Profiling an industrial powder coating oven starts right here with the CurveX 3 Standard Oven Logger KIT. It contains all necessary items, just add the desired magnetic or clamp-type probes to make the oven logger KIT complete. The heart of the KIT is...

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    The TQC Cylindrical Bend Test is used to determine the elasticity adhesion and elongation of paint on sheet metal in accordance with ISO 1519. A test panel (max. size 150 x 100 mm) is bent over a cylindrical mandrel. The smaller the diameter of the...

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  • Densimeter H-300S

    Densimeter to calculate the specific gravity. The density value is displayed automatically after the elapsed time. Density resolution: 0,001 g/cm3 Scale capacity: 0,01….300g Measuring time: air / under water <0 sec. / 0 sec.>, <0 sec. /2...

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    The new TQC Drying Time Recorder is a fully digitally controlled machine that operates conform the BK (Beck Koller) method Standards: ASTM D5895, DIN EN 14022, ISO 9117-4 The Drying Time Recorder is a fully...

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    Drying Time Recorder tool to be used as an optional test tool for the TQC Automatic Film Applicators. This device allows the user to accurately define the drying time of various types of coatings within the time range of 1 minute to 48 hours. A drying...

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  • FILM Applicator 2 RESERVOIR, 4 GAP

    4-SIDED FILM APPLICATOR, DUAL RESERVOIR, 100|200|300|400ΜM Special 4-gap (quadruplex) Stainless Steel applicator with double reservoir each with 4 different values. This TQC applicator allows the user two apply 2 layers of coating simultaneously with...

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    Standards: ASTM D1084, ASTM D4400 The TQC Sag and Levelling Film Applicator is a special film applicator with dual function. One side with 10 gaps from 75 to 300 micron to test the tendency to sag in relation to the film...

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  • FILM ApplicatorLICATOR 2 RESERVOIR, 4 Gap

    Cube applicator for applying a paint film of uniform thickness. Each Cube Applicator can apply 2 pre-defined thicknesses, or 2 thicknesses to customer specifications. TQC Sheen Cube Applicators are ideal for applying paint on test panels used on for...

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  • Film Applicators "BAKER" type 4-sided

    Cylindrical film applicator with 4 application sides for applicating paint-films of 4 different predefined thicknesses. The Baker applicator’s are available in film width 60 mm and 80 mm and are suitable for applying a host of different products...

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  • Impact Test

    The TQC Impact Test is used to determine the impact resistivity and flexibility of coatings. The dual scale instrument is equipped with a special guidance which assures that the distance between each impact is always according to the standard. For...

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    emperature gradient plate for determining minimum film forming temperature test.The minimum film forming temperature is the lowest temperature at which an emulsion, latex or adhesive will uniformly coalesce when applied on a substrate as a thin film...

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    Adjustable Micrometer Film Applicator. The applicator blade can be adjusted in 10 μm increments by means of 2 micrometer heads, over a gap size from 0 to 8 mm. The micrometric applicator offers the user flexibility to adjust the optimum gap size for...

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  • Model No. PHT-980 Shore D Durometer

    Model No. PHT-980   Shore D Durometer   Shore D scale is for testing the following materials: Rubber: HardPlastics: Harder grades such as rigid thermoplastics, plexiglass, thermoploystrene, vinyl, sheet, cellulode...

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    PENCILS FOR HARDNESS TEST ACCORDING WOLFF WILBORN Koh-I-Noor 1500 set of 20 pencils in an aluminum case to use with the Wolff Wilborn Hardness Test. Pencils ranging from 8b -2H When testing by Pencil Hardness - Make sure all parties are using the...

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