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  • Contact Point Extension - 0.5 "

    Contact Point Extension - 0.5 "

    All of Western Instruments Pit Gauges have a range of just slightly over 12.7mm or 0.500”, with any one of our 3 types of Contact Points. However, during some inspections, this range is simply not enough. To increase the range of our PitGauges,...

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  • #1 - #3 Pit Depth Gauge Tip

    #1 - #3 Pit Depth Gauge Tip

    Pit Gauge Contact PointsWestern offers a variety of Contact Points, for the Pit Gauge Product Series, which are all 0.625 (16mm) long. Any ADG Contact point can be used with our special dial indicators, but a different length may affect Height Zeroing of...

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  • Analog and Digital Indictor Gauge

    Analog and Digital Indictor Gauge

    Western Instruments Dial Pit Gauges, such as a Basic Pit Gauge, can actually be 3 different Models. Our 3 different Dial Indicators are interchangeable, and fit the same Blade, therefore, we can offer;▪ Imperial Basic Pit Gauge (N88-2-A) or▪ Metric Basic...

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