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Insulation Testers

Below Ground Insulators

  • Above Ground Insulator Tester / RF-IT

    Above Ground Insulator Tester / RF-IT APPLICATIONS * Above Ground Insulators* Pinpoints The Precise Contact Point* Use Regardless of CP or Other Current / Voltage Present on Structure Features: Hand Held Instrument Easily locates shorted bolts,...

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  • Below Ground Insulator Tester / CE-IT

    APPLICATIONS * Below Ground Insulators* Use successfully as a casing short investigative tool* Use Regardless of CP or other current/voltage present or structureFeatures: FEATURES Gives test results via digital display Results given Effectiveness of...

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    APPLICATIONS * Wenner 4 Pin Method* 3 Pin "Fall of Potential" Method* 2 Pin Method* Geological Studies* Archeological Studies PRODUCT DATA SHEET SR-2 PANEL Features: 4.5 Digital Display  0.01 Ω to 3.3 ΩK range Push button...

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  • Soilboxes

    Model: SB-1, SB-2, Soilboxes Model: SB-1, SB-2,  Soilboxes SB-1 Conforms to ASTM G57 SB-2 Conforms to AASHTO T-288 SB-1 US$ 130.00 SB-2 US$ 130.00 SB-1 Features (4) Brass Pins (2) Banana Plug Leads, Red (2) Banana Plug Leads,...

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