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Rilem Tubes

Rilem Tubes Vertical and Horizontal Plastic

Part No.: RILEM-HV


For measuring the rate at which water moves
through porous materials such as masonry

  • Rilem Tube Kit

    Kit contains 3 Horozontal, 3 Vertical Rilem Tubes, 1/2 pound of putty and a water bottel large enough to fill 3 tubes.  Save  $100 off the Kerstan Tube set.  An M-TEST Exclusive.

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  • Verticle

    Rilem Tubes Verticle and Horizontal Plastic

    Rilem Tubes (used in the Rilem Test Method provide a simplemethod for measuring the volume of water absorbed by a masonrymaterial within a specified time period. The test can be performedat the site or in the laboratory and can be used to measure...

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