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Short & Utility Locators


    45/90 AUDIO LOCATOR PROBE 45/90 Audio Locator Handheld Probe Works With Both Mark IV & Mark V Kits! US $215.00 Features Easy to operate Unaffected by surface cover Light weight and strong Water resistant, build for rugged field...

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  • 505 "GO-FER" Pipe & Cable Locator

    Detectron, a division of Tinker & Rasor, manufactures the model 505 "GO-FER" Pipe and Cable Locator. This type of locator is widely used by Gas Distribution, Pipeline and Power Companies to locate and mark theirs and others carriers prior to...

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  • Mark V "Ranger" Short Locator/Pipe Locator

    Model Mark V Ranger combines the Model 505 Radio Frequency locator with the Model PD Audio Frequency locator.  The Mark V Ranger is available as a “Short” kit with everything necessary to preform Audio and Radio Pipe, Cable & Short...

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  • Model 7-T VALVE & BOX LOCATOR-Metal Detector

    Features Rugged "Cycolac" instrument housing and detection head Telescoping Handle Visual Meter & Battery Tester Built-in speaker, signal and battery test meter One sensitivity control knob Balanced and lightweight Adjustable...

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    Features Lightweight & Strong 11 Position filter to pinpoint leak and remove background sounds 2 Sensitivity controls Super Sensitive magnetic transducer High gain, 4-stage amplifier Visual and Audible indications Coarse and Fine...

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  • Model: PD Pipe & Cable Locator

    "Pearson-Method" Short Locator / Holiday Detector US $ 1,000.00 PD "Short Locator" US $1,050.00 PD-H Holiday Detector Features Audio frequency 750cps Maximum 100v output Fine Tune knob and LED's to easily match maximum...

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