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Soluble Salt Test Accessories

What is the difference between the DeFelsko and Latex Bresle Test patches?

The DeFelsko Adhesive Bresle Test Patch is similar to conventional Bresle Method patches and features a low-tack adhesive, making it easy to remove with no residue to clean. It is latex-free, and therefore significantly less expensive than conventional Bresle Test patches.

For users who require a salts test patch with latex construction (which can expand to a 15 ml sample size), we offer the Latex Bresle Test Patch. It also features a low-tack adhesive and TearGuard™ technology for easy patch removal that leaves no residue to clean. Additionally, it features an easy-to-remove tab on the paper backing.

How many times can the PosiPatch be reused?

One of the many innovative features of the PosiPatch Bresle Test Patch is its ability to be reused multiple times by rinsing with DI water between tests. The PosiPatch can be used repeatedly until water begins to leak through the air‐permeable membrane or the seal against the substrate. In our tests on freshly blasted steel with a typical 50‐100-micron (2‐ 4 mil) profile, PosiPatches were reused dozens of times with no noticeable wear or leakage. Patch life will vary depending on use—if dragged along the substrate, lifespan will be reduced. We believe that 10 uses are a very conservative estimate of lifespan and still yields the lowest per‐test cost of any commercially available Bresle Method Patch.

Can the PosiPatch be used on rough, blasted, or pitted surfaces?

Yes! The flexible PosiPatch is designed for multiple uses on typical rough surfaces and maintains its watertight seal for a simple, leak-free test.

Can I use these accessories with other salt meters?

Yes, you can. You can use the PosiPatch to replace your bresle patches and use it with any conductivity meter.