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  • NIST Certifications, Equipment Certifications, $125.00

High Voltage Holiday Tester

DeFelsko Adhesion Testers


All Defelsko Probes

Any Type 1 or Type 2 DFT meter


Surface Temperature and Thermocouple probes

IR Guns

Sponge testers





Most certs that do not come with instruments are Half Price with the Purchase of the instrument

We can do a certificate of calibrations in-house and we try to maintain a 24-hour turnaround.  If instruments require repair, we will contact you.  Most items can be traded in for a discount on equivalent DeFelsko equipment.

Calibration Plates and Shims can be replaced with DeFelsko certified plates and shims at a $20% discount but cannot be recertified.

We do not currently do voltmeters or clamp meters in house but we can get them done (generally about $125.00)

Call for other pricing.

    Certificate of Inspection

    NIST Certifications Due to issues with USPS, we recommend you ship using only FedEx or UPS. If you must send it USPS, please select the "Signature Required" box to make sure USPS will drop the package off at our facility.   Click Here To Download A...
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