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    45/90 AUDIO LOCATOR PROBE 45/90 Audio Locator Handheld Probe Works With Both Mark IV & Mark V Kits! US $215.00 Features Easy to operate Unaffected by surface cover Light weight and strong Water resistant, build for rugged field...

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  • 505 "GO-FER" Pipe & Cable Locator

    Detectron, a division of Tinker & Rasor, manufactures the model 505 "GO-FER" Pipe and Cable Locator. This type of locator is widely used by Gas Distribution, Pipeline and Power Companies to locate and mark theirs and others carriers prior to...

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    The Elite Pocket Tester simultaneously shows conductivity/TDS*/Salinity and temperature. This meter is standard supplied with the Bresle Kit, in which it is used to measure soluble salts. The Elite Pocket Tester is also very suitable for a variety of...

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    Waterproof meter with high accuracy multi-range sensor that measures four parameters EC410 kit includes EC400 ExStik® Conductivity/TDS/ Salinity Temperature Meter, with sensor, protective cap, three calibration standards, (30mL bottle each), weighted...

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    Waterproof meter with high-accuracy multi-ranging sensor EC100 is a Conductivity/Temperature Meter. Waterproof meter with high-accuracy multi-ranging sensor. Features Auto Power off with disable. Units of measure include µS/cm, mS/cm, ppm, ppt...

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    Push/Pull measurements in kg, lbs, oz and Newton units with ±0.4% accuracy 475040 is a Digital Force Gauge with a 5 digit LCD display and peak hold. Exclusive load cell measurement transducer. Over range, low battery and advanced function...

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  • High Capacity Force Gauge

    Wide range force gauge (tension/compression) with 0.5% basic accuracy 475055 is a High Capacity Force Gauge. Measuring ranges from 0.05 to 100-kilograms, 0.05 to 220-pounds, 0.2 to 980 Newton. Basic accuracy of 0.5-percent. Tension or Compression, Peak...

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  • Laser Distance Meter

    The ToolSmart™ Laser Distance Measure  is designed to replace a conventional tape measure. The TS01 is faster, safer and more accurate than a conventional tape measure. It takes much less time and only one hand to hold the tool against a...

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  • Mark V "Ranger" Short Locator/Pipe Locator

    Model Mark V Ranger combines the Model 505 Radio Frequency locator with the Model PD Audio Frequency locator.  The Mark V Ranger is available as a “Short” kit with everything necessary to preform Audio and Radio Pipe, Cable & Short...

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  • Model 7-T VALVE & BOX LOCATOR-Metal Detector

    Features Rugged "Cycolac" instrument housing and detection head Telescoping Handle Visual Meter & Battery Tester Built-in speaker, signal and battery test meter One sensitivity control knob Balanced and lightweight Adjustable...

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    Features Lightweight & Strong 11 Position filter to pinpoint leak and remove background sounds 2 Sensitivity controls Super Sensitive magnetic transducer High gain, 4-stage amplifier Visual and Audible indications Coarse and Fine...

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  • Model: PD Pipe & Cable Locator

    "Pearson-Method" Short Locator / Holiday Detector US $ 1,000.00 PD "Short Locator" US $1,050.00 PD-H Holiday Detector Features Audio frequency 750cps Maximum 100v output Fine Tune knob and LED's to easily match maximum...

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    DIGITAL STOPWATCH Simple yet accurate digital TQC stopwatch, resolution to 1/100th of a second. Split times, built-in alarm. Clear display with large digits. Ultra flat and robust water- and shockproof design, complete with carrying cord.Indispensable...

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  • HoldTight Water Quality Test Kit

    The biggest problem encountered when using HoldTight is the quality of the Washwater availible at the site.  HoldTight, as with any cleaning product, works best with good quality water.  This kit coantains the tests you need to run to make sure...

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