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  • Densimeter H-300S

    Densimeter to calculate the specific gravity. The density value is displayed automatically after the elapsed time. Density resolution: 0,001 g/cm3 Scale capacity: 0,01….300g Measuring time: air / under water <0 sec. / 0 sec.>, <0 sec. /2...

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  • PYCNOMETER Density Cup -100CC or 83.33cc (SS or AL)

    Specific Gravity Cup for determining the specific gravity or density (or weight per gallon wpg) of coatings, pastes or similar liquids.Density is defined as weight per unit volume at a specified temperature.Specific Gravity Cups (or pycnometers) are...

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  • TQC Immersed body (Plummet) (DIN EN ISO 2811-2)

    TQC Immersed body (Plummet) (DIN EN ISO 2811-2)The Plummet method (Immersed body) is a universal instrument to determine the density of paints or related products. The method is based on ‘Archimedes’ principle.The upward force caused by...

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