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Standard Pit Depth Gauges

  • Junior Tri-Gauge VM

    Junior Tri-Gauge VM

    Junior Tri-Gauge VM® Lever Type Pit & Welding Gauge Part No. N88L-2 Mechanical Lever Pit Gauge with Metric and Imperial Scales Range/Resolution: +/- 3mm (0.100") / 0.2mm (0.005")   The Junior Tri-Gauge VM® Lever Type Pit Gauge...

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  • Tri-Gauge


    The Tri-Gauge is today's most versatile Lever Pit Gauge, with its Metric and dual Imperial Scales. Additionally, the Tri-Gauge serves as a basic Weld Inspection Gauge for; Undercut Depth, Weld Crown Height, a Porosity (diameter)...

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What standard pit gauges does MTest offer?

Western's Standard Pit Depth Gauges, vary from the basic Tri-Gauges and Jr. Tri-Gauge to the far more accurate Dial Indicator Pit Depth Gauges. Operators are able to choose from our three models of Indicators Metric, Imperial (inches) and Digital. We also offer three different Contact Points as well as a Contact Point Extension. Changing a Battery on a Digital Indicator is fast and easy.

Over the years, the popularity of the various models has evolved, due to market acceptance and knowledge of the capabilities of our Pit Gauges. Many years ago, the Basic Pit Gauge was popular, simply because of price, and the shape was similar to Starrett's Machinist Depth Gauges. The Starrett Gauges were not specifically designed for Pit Gauging, due to the large size, heavy weight, and the extremely limited measurement range. Another example of a misapplied to is the use of a Tire Tread Gauge for corrosion.

Today, our versatile Pocket Pit Gauge is, by far, our most popular Pit Gauge model, due to its ability to be used on flat and simple or complex curvatures. Pipe, Tube, and Vessels are examples of Simple Curvatures, while some examples of Complex Curvatures are Cylinder Necks (and Bases), the Knuckle area of Vessel Heads, Pump Impellers, and Turbine Blades.

The models that have gained popularity over the years and are currently even in production with the Basic Pit Gauge, are our Reaching Pit Gauges. Reaching Pit Gauges have a huge advantage over conventional 'Center Mount' Pit Gauges in that measurements can be taken right next to a weld, reinforcing pad or risers.

Are there kits available?

Yes, there are. We offer a variety of build your own kits to get you setup with exactly what you need for the job. Everything from Pocket Pit gauges, Basic Pit Gauges, Reaching Pit Gauges, to full kits with multiple blades.


Do the Pit Gauges need to be recertified?

Only the indicators need to be recertified. The manufacture recommends a 1-year re-certification for their indicators.