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Voltmeters & Clamp meters

  • CPV-4 Digital VOLTMETER

    CPV-4 Digital VOLTMETER

    Cathodic Protection Digital Voltmeter Features Hand Held Instrument LCD digit display 20 Meg Ohm Impedance Filter AC Interference Heavy Duty Coiled Leads with Clamps Works with T&R Reference Electrodes: 6A,6B, 8A, 8B Storage...

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  • Model: AC-15 AC Warning System

    Model: AC-15 AC Warning System

    Detects Induced AC on Pipelines Model AC-15 Warning System Measurement of AC Voltage potentials between structure and ground for job site safety of personnel. The AC-15 A/C Warning System is an instrument that detects potential differences of 15V AC...

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  • Model ACT Amp Clamp Tester

    Model ACT Amp Clamp Tester

    Model: ACT Amp Clamp Tester Verifies Accuracy of Amp Clamps and Current meters US $325.00 The ACT is the ultimate amp clamp companion. Newly designed, the ACT is very accurate and an easy-to-use verifying device. Using the ACT, your amp clamp or...

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