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  • PosiTest® PT  pencil test (Wolff-Wilborn)

    PosiTest® PT pencil test (Wolff-Wilborn)

    PosiTest® PT   Pencil Hardness Test Determines the film hardness by pencil test (Wolff-Wilborn) in accordance with ISO 15184 and ASTM D3363 Quickly and easily evaluate the scratch resistance and relative hardness of coatings 14...

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  • Wolff-Wilborn Pencil Hardness Tester

    Wolff-Wilborn Pencil Hardness Tester

    The TQC Pencil Hardness Test according Wolff Wilborn provides a simple method to test the scratch hardness of coatings. In this test, pencils in a range of 6B to 8H hardness-grade are used. The pencil is moved to scratch over the surface under a 45°...

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    PENCILS FOR HARDNESS TEST ACCORDING WOLFF WILBORN Koh-I-Noor 1500 set of 20 pencils in an aluminum case to use with the Wolff Wilborn Hardness Test. Pencils ranging from 8b -2H When testing by Pencil Hardness - Make sure all parties are using the...

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