MTest's relationship with Woyt Industries, LLC, shows how we can provide more than just testing equipment for inspection companies. Bryce Perry has been with Woyt for two years and speaks to the longstanding excellence M-Test and our manager Tom Swan bring.

Woyt Industries specializes in inspection and testing services. They also provide inspectors with CE Levels 1, 2 and 3, as well as SSPC and API. The company is certified to perform SSPC-QP5 coating inspections and offers fabrication and mechanical equipment inspections along with storage tank, coating and civil/structural inspections, among others.

It's fair to say that Bryce Perry knows the inspections industry. In his time with Woyt Industries, he has performed third-party inspections himself and overseen these projects as a manager and coordinator. Some of Bryce's major clients include Exxon Mobil and Shell, as well as CAPE, CH2M, Jacobs and Landmark Structures.

However, Bryce's relationship with M-Test stretches back earlier than that, when he worked at PK Industrial. After meeting Tom at a Houston Coatings Society gathering, Bryce continued to work with him. Over time, they have formed a strong business connection based on in-depth coatings knowledge. For Bryce, the real advantage of working with M-Test has been how responsive Tom is. He told us that he can count on Tom to provide expert-level coating inspection equipment, no matter the job. When the right tools aren't available,

Bryce said, Tom will do what needs to be done to satisfy the jobs requirements.

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Scott Mannon

Kieran Snow is a NACE Level 3 inspector, and his work depends on accuracy. He says working with Tom Swan has helped him save time and do his job more efficiently.

Though he only gained NACE certification within the past decade, Kieran has been a part of the coatings inspection industry since 1983. Like all NACE inspectors, his work depends on finding the right tools and knowing how to use them. Both of these factors are crucial, and often surprisingly difficult to find through an objective source, he said.

Kieran met Tom through Montipower, which he first encountered at a trade show. When he later went to Texas for work, he would take the first steps toward a business relationship that has helped him professionally ever since.

Kieran says that the main issue he came to Tom with was a general one: What’s the best equipment to use for NACE coatings inspections work? You can ask manufacturers for information but often they don’t have the real field experience needed to answer specific questions.

Furthermore, he says, many company representatives will simply demonstrate a product without knowing how to use it. Considering the high cost of many instruments, it can be frustrating to not know the full story about whatever it is you’re buying. When you’re trying to find specific testing tools that will last, getting practical information matters as much as system specs.

Fortunately, Tom managed to exceed Kieran’s expectations, not just providing him with good advice but also defining his whole philosophy toward inspections, one Kieran says he sticks by to this day. As an instructor for NACE courses, he even tells his students to invest in equipment quality and look for the BEST instruments. To new inspectors, this may seem like the more expensive, tedious route, but it comes with numerous long-term benefits.

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In the five decades he’s worked in the industry, protective coatings and corrosion inspection professional Hartley Duncan has seen the sector’s many transitions take place, all while the industrial world at large similarly went through so many changes of its own, on both the macro and micro levels.

Hartley entered the business in the 1960s, after the National Association of Corrosion Engineers was formed but before the now-renowned Coating Inspector Program came into existence. He would enroll in and pass the CIP, and is now NACE Certified Coating Inspector, Level 3, Number 2524, with Marine Endorsement.

After gaining considerable experience in the field of corrosion prevention, he started his own business in 1978, the Chandelle Company of Louisiana, which operated for 22 years producing corrosion-resistant coatings and linings. While affiliated with other companies before and since, Hartley has also operated on his own under the umbrella of Duncan Inspection Services, LLC. Now, in 2017, he stands out as a testament to what stalwart dedication to a trade will bring you, even when aspects of one’s chosen sector lack consistency or stability. Hartley’s accolades speak for themselves: He is a lifetime member of NACE and has served on its board twice, earning the organization’s top honor, the R.A. Brannon Award in 2012. Hartley has also been a member of the Society of Protective Coatings since 2003.

Yet even the most astute individuals in this business can’t do everything by themselves, on an all but invariable basis. Hartley knows this well, and sought out Tom Swan and the proven equipment of M-Test to aid in his operations.

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