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PTC Products

  • Magnetic Surface Temperature  Gauges

    Magnetic Surface Temperature Gauges

    Dual Magnetic PTC Contact Thermometer Due Fahrenheit / Celsius Scale: These meters are calibrated to +/- 2% at an ambient temperature of 700 F (210 C PTC® Quality -- Made in the U.S.A...

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  • PTC  307L Shore D Durometer

    PTC 307L Shore D Durometer

    Shore D Scale Durometers Test the Hardness of Pipeline Coating, Hard Rubber, Acrylic, Delrin, Kevlar, PVC, Nylon, Lexan, and Epoxies. The Model 307L Type D Durometer is designed to measure ASTM...

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  • PTC 409D Ergo Style Durometer

    PTC 409D Ergo Style Durometer

    PTC®'s Model 409 ASTM Type D Durometer measures the hardness of pipeline coating epoxies, plexiglass, epoxy, vinyl, cellulose acetate, and Kevlar. The favorite hand-held durometer of the pipeline...

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