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Surface Roughness Testers

  • ISO Comparators

    ISO Comparators

    Standards: ASTM D4417, ISO 8503-01 Comparison standard according to ISO 8503 part 1 made of quality steel. Indicates the surface condition of blasted steel according to ISO 8503 in grades of fine, medium, and coarse...

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  • SRG4000 Surface Roughness Testers /Profilometers

    SRG4000 Surface Roughness Testers /Profilometers

    Surface Roughness Testers /Profilometers/Surface Roughness Chart Model No. SRG-4000 Features The latest in state-of-the-art surface roughness testers profilometer, the SRG-4000 is designed with the shop environment in mind. These surface...

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