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Surface Preparation - Cleanliness

  • Abrasive Test Kit - Chloride or ASTM D4940

    Abrasive Contamination Test Kit.  Can be used to check for specific ion for chloride with included Kitatagua tubes or use in accordance with ASTM D4940 with conductivity meter (not included).  Comes with 4 tests. Once the full kit is purchased,...

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  • Dust Tape Kit

    The TQC Dust Test Kit according to ISO 8502-3 allows assessment of the quantity and size of dust particles on surfaces prepared for painting. Dust on blast cleaned surfaces can reduce coating adhesion, leading to premature coating failure and...

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  • Ferroxyl Test Solution

    All GE railcars lined for food grade service, or any stainless steel components for any customers cars that were affected during the abrasive blasting process .  PRODUCT IS MADE WHEN ORDERED.  CAN ON SHIP GROUND IN US  LIFE OF PRODUCT...

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  • MTest Chloride Test Kit

    While we don't generally endorse specific ion testing, when you need to tst only for chloride, this is the lest expensive kit on the market.  It has an additional ebenifit of being able to run both chloride and total salts with the same sample...

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  • Potassium Ferricyanide Test Papers

    otassium Ferricyanide Test Papers cyanide10 papers x 11 cmor100 papers by 4.25 cmShipped in a UV resistant envelope.  Photosensitive - store in a cool dry place.Made when the order is placed and may take 24 to 48 hours to ship.

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  • Potassium Ferricyanide Test Kit

    KIt includes 100 small (4.25 cm) papers or 40 Large (11 cm) papers, 20 gloves, directions and a spray bottle of DI water in a carry case.. Quick and easy method to test for toatal salts.  Semi-quantative by how much blue develops on the paper...

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    The TQC Spring Loaded Roller is used to perform objective dust tests according ISO 8502-3, and eliminates the human error by pressing with a constant force on the dust test tape. The ISO 8502-3 quantifies the quantity and size of dust particles on...

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  • Full  SST Kit


    PosiPatch Starter Kit For use with existing conductivity meters. Try the revolutionary, reusable PosiPatch with a low cost trial pack. The PosiPatch Starter Kit can be purchased with either a Standard or Flexible magnetic ring...

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  • SST Probes (No Kit)

    FEATURES   SIMPLE Conductivity probe specifically designed for ISO 8502-6,9 Displays test duration, sample temperature, conductivity (µS/cm) and surface density (mg/m2 or µg/cm2) Easy 1-2-3 gage interface guides users...

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    The Bresle Kit – Sodium Chloride Test Kit complies with the ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9 standards that describe the Bresle Method to assess the level of soluble salts using a Bresle patch or Bresle sampler, distilled water and a conductivity gauge...

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  • SST Standard or Flex Ring

    STANDARD RING - for flat surfaces or curved surfces over 40 inches in diameter. FLEX RING - For flat or curved surfaces down to 4 nches in diameter. Smaller than list - look at the DeFelsko Bresle patches.    

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  • DeFelsko Posipatch and Bresle Patch

    PosiPatch Reusable patch with Standard or Flexible magnetic ring PosiPatches (24) - for use with PosiTector SST PosiPatch Kits - SSTPATCHP24   PosiPatches (5) - for use with PosiTector SST PosiPatch Kits...

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