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Viscosity - Permeability - Density - Resistivity

  • Densimeter H-300S

    Densimeter H-300S

    Densimeter to calculate the specific gravity. The density value is displayed automatically after the elapsed time. Density resolution: 0,001 g/cm3 Scale capacity: 0,01….300g Measuring time: air / under water <0 sec. / 0 sec.>, <0 sec. /2...

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  • Viscocity Cup Accessories

    Viscocity Cup Accessories

      VF2062 TQC Ring Stand For Viscosity Cup- The TQC Ring Stand for Viscosity Cup is a ring stand made of galvanized steel, suitable for all TQC Viscosity Cups according DIN, ISO and ASTM. VF2061 TQC Ring Stand For Viscosity Cup -The TQC...

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  • Viscocity CUP ASTM D1200 FORD

    Viscocity CUP ASTM D1200 FORD

    Viscosity Cup ASTM D1200 Ford is a range of titanium anodized aluminum viscosity cups with fixed stainless-steel nozzle (inner cavity). The viscosity cups are suitable for laboratory use with a stand. Widely used for measuring paint, lacquers, and other...

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  • Viscosity Cup Immersion Ford ASTM D1200

    Viscosity Cup Immersion Ford ASTM D1200

    Viscosity Cup Immersion Ford titanium anodized aluminum viscosity cup with stainless steel inner cavity fixed nozzle and handle. Ideal for measuring coatings and other fluids during application or production. Viscosity Cup Alu. type ASTM D1200 "FORD"...

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    A simple instrument for measuring the surface resistivity of electrostatically sprayed coatings. The probe is easy to clean and is immersed in the coating. The measured value is recorded on an analog scale. The TQC Electrostatic Paint Meter has been...

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    Weight: 0 lbs 5 oz Brand: TQC Viscosity Cup - ASTM D 4212 Zahn CupsZahn cups are manufactured out of steel and then bright nickel plated for a superior finish has a conveniently long handle for ease of use. Each Zahn cup is identified with orifice...

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  • Permeability cups

    Permeability cups

    Permeability cups for determining the water-vapor transmission of paints, varnishes, coatings, coating systems, and related products. The Permeability cup consists of a cup, seal ring, and cover ring. The seal ring is designed to prevent turning when...

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  • PYCNOMETER Density Cup -100CC or 83.33cc (SS or AL)

    PYCNOMETER Density Cup -100CC or 83.33cc (SS or AL)

    Specific Gravity Cup for determining the specific gravity or density (or weight per gallon wpg) of coatings, pastes or similar liquids.Density is defined as weight per unit volume at a specified temperature.Specific Gravity Cups (or pycnometers) are...

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