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RH/Dew Point Calculator

Relative Humidity Dew Point Calculator    
Enter Temperatures in F or C      
Enter Temperature (F) 77        
Enter Temperature (C)          
Enter WetBulb (F) 70        
Enter WetBulb (C)          
Dry Bulb Temperature (Ta) 77 deg F      
Wet Bulb (Tw) 70 deg F       
Dry Bulb Temperature (Ta) 25.00 deg C       
Wet Bulb (Tw) 21.11 deg C       
Saturation Vapor Pressure eS 31.67      
Wet Bulb Vapor Pressure eW 25.03      
Actual Vapor Pressure e 22.36      
Dew Point Temperature Td 19.3 deg C 66.7 degF
Relative Humidity RH 70.6 %